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July 28, 2018

The Secret To Time And Money Freedom

Good morning, good morning fellow marketing and business enthusiast.

Today I want to talk about a subject I don’t think gets covered enough when it comes to online business and marketing. Yet it seems to be one of the main reasons so many people have trouble building a successful online business.

Did you know that 80-90% of the people that start an online business don’t continue it beyond 3 months?

It’s shocking when you think about it. But 9 out of 10 people that start an online business won't make it past the first 3 months!

But why do you think that is?

It’s certainly not for lack of effort. I know lots of people that work a full day and then come home to spend several more hours building their online business. People spend thousands of dollars investing in tools and training to figure this stuff out. So it’s certainly not for lack of money. So if the desire, the time and the financial backing are there, why is it then that so many people run into obstacles?

“You Can’t Fill A Bucket That Has A Hole"

Before we look at why there seems to be such a high failure rate, let’s take a look at how we define the other side - “success”.

When most people start building an online business, they’re not looking to be the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Most people are either looking for a few extra dollars every month to take the pressure off or they’re looking to quit a job and retire. Most people are looking for a fun, stress-free, at home part-time job that provides a reliable income.

Most People Want “Time Freedom” And “Money Freedom”.

Most people don't want to be rich. They want time and money freedom to do what makes them happy.

So how do we go about getting this "Time And Money Freedom"?
When most people get involved in online businesses they usually choose to either sell affiliate products, create their own products, run e-commerce stores or offer coaching. There are other variations but those are definitely the most popular.

But here’s the problem… all of those businesses. Every. Single. One. Only pay you once when you make a sale. And if you want to get paid again, you have to make another sale. Which means there is absolute no guarantee your income is going to be the same next month as it is this month. 

And the only way to make a consistent enough income to give you “money freedom” is by either working full time or by spending years perfecting online marketing and sales so that you can get consistent results with less effort.

And while working like a madman may get you the “Money Freedom” it certainly won’t give you the “Time Freedom". So even in the unlikely scenario that you do make the same number of sales next month as you do this month, it can take working full time to get there.  So… no "Time Freedom". No "Money Freedom".

And most important of all: If you can’t predict what your income is going to be then there’s no way you can leave your job!

Frustrated? Feel like your online business isn't doing as well as it could? It's not your fault! It may have been doomed from the start!

So what happens? You decide what you’re doing doesn’t work. It doesn’t give you the freedom you pictured when you first started the business.

So you start looking for something new to try, and the cycle repeats itself. 

And you start getting more bitter, distrusting and jaded. You start to wonder if this whole make money online thing is just a scam. But guess what...

It's Not Your Fault

You can’t fill a bucket that has a hole. These businesses are flawed from the start. They’re not designed to give you the “Time Freedom” and “Money Freedom” you want when you envisioned the “online business” lifestyle.

So if you feel like your wheels are spinning… it’s probably not your fault! You may be driving a lemon! 

Here's What You DO Need To Succeed

Let’s revisit that “Time Freedom” and “Money Freedom” concept again. What is it you need in order to live “life on the beach”? What is it you need in order to stick it to your boss? To march off into retirement with a smile on your face knowing that everything is going to be A-OK. Well… let’s make a list.

Here's What You Need To Quit The Rat Race

  • check
    Stable, consistent, predictable monthly income
  • Require as little work as possible - 1 hour / day max
  • Able to go for long periods without maintenance
  • check
    Is based on a subject you’re genuinely interested in
  • check
    Can grow with you and evolve over many years
  • check
    Can be easily sold for a big pay day in the future

And after doing all this stuff (affiliate marketing, coaching, product creation and e-commerce) over the past decade there is only one business model that gives you every one of those benefits and more…

The Secret To Real “Time Freedom” And “Money Freedom"

The only business type that gives you all of the benefits above, essentially “income for life”, is a subscription business!

A subscription business will pay you every single month. They require very little work if setup the right way. You can go months on end without having to maintain them. You can create one based on subject you truly find interesting and they can grow with you over time. Best of all, they’re easy to sell for BIG payouts!

So, unlike old fashioned affiliate marketing and info product sales that can leave you frustrated and looking for something new after 3 months, with a subscription business when you make a sale you get paid every month from then until the end of time.

Work Once. Get Paid Forever.

...AKA “Time Freedom” and “Money Freedom”

Key Takeaways

  • Most online businesses are very inconsistent and difficult to run.
  • Most online businesses DO NOT give you “Time Freedom" and "Money Freedom"
  • Only 1 way to true passive “online income” - A Subscription Business
  • check
    Shifts the focus from “Work once, get paid once” to “Work once, get paid forever.”
  • check
    The most reliable, consistent online business model is a low price subscription model.

Now… don’t get me wrong. I know you have your doubts. I would too. But there are some nifty psychological tips and tricks that we’ve discovered over the past decade that make this process a whole lot easier. We’ve saved a few and put them on the site. So make sure to check them out while you’re here. Or heck… just attend the FREE training webinar that explains how to set all this up.

You’ll learn how to pick the right topic, how to get setup today and how to start making sales within hours. There are even step-by-step instructions and sales page templates you can download. Pretty much everything you need to get started. And it’s a heck of a lot easier to explain everything on the webinar! 😉

Click the button below to see when we're holding our next webinar. Get your subscription business up and running today and start getting sales today! Click the button below to register now.

Get Paid From Your Hobbies And Passions With An Online Subscription Business

Join Our FREE Training Webinar To Get Started

Cheers & have a great day!
-Adam Nolan

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The Secret To Time And Money Freedom

The Secret To Time And Money Freedom

Adam Nolan

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  1. Thanks Adam,
    Very much interested in this model and have worked alongside a few people who have done this successfully.
    As long as the content is excellent people will continue for a while.. lifetime value.


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