Turn Your Hobbies And Passions Into An Online Business That Pays You Every Month

What Is Subscription School?

Subscription School is an online course that teaches anyone how to turn their hobbies, interests, passions and skills into a simple online business that pays you every month. Since 2010 Subscription School has helped over 5,000 regular folks all around the world create and grow passion based subscription businesses with incredible results.

Our unique method, combined with the incredibly stability of passive, recurring income is why so many of our students are able to quit their jobs and turn their passions into a full time income. Take a minute today and discover for yourself why a part-time subscription business may just be the best "side hustle" you've never heard of!

Why We're Different

What Makes A Subscription Business So Great?

Unlike most businesses, jobs and side-hustles where you only get paid when you work, with a subscription business you get paid every month! Which means your income goes up, but your work load stays the same! No more trading time for dollars. No more long hours. No more difficult bosses!

With Subscription School you get to work when you want, on what you want. Turn your hobbies, skills and passions into a side hustle you can be proud of! 

The Worlds Most Reliable Business. Simplified.

These subscription businesses are simple! There are only 3 steps to get started. And once you get the system setup, sales come in and they just don’t stop! Here's how it works:

Step #1. Pick Your Favorite Hobby or Skill

Everyone has something they're passionate about! And if you're excited about something, odds are other folks are too! Pick a passion you love or a problem you can solve. Then create, buy or borrow the content. you'd like to share with your subscribers - or choose from one of our simple “no-content” subscription businesses.

Then just put your spin on it, copy and paste it into our pre-made templates and share it with your customers! It's that simple! And as long as customers are happy, you'll keep getting paid month after month!

Step #2. Create Your Business In Minutes

Most online businesses take months to setup. With Subscription School you can be ready to sell in less than 2 days! Thanks to our completely custom “Business-In-A-Box” template anyone, regardless of skill level, can easily build and run a passive subscription business.

Just click 1 button and your new business is installed and ready to go! If you can send an e-mail, you can own your own subscription business!

Step #3. Get Your First Sales In 1 Week

With our unique approach to attracting customers most students are able to get their first sales in less than 48 hours of starting! In fact, not only will customers line up to subscribe but they'll tell their friends too! Why?

It all boils down to our one-of-a-kind viral advertising approach! This unique approach isn’t used anywhere else and is one of the main reasons our members have such a high success rate! It’s not uncommon to see new business owners get sales within one day of starting!


what Members say about us

"I have applied exactly what he taught me to start my business and quit my day job."

Adam was the first person to introduce me to online marketing. Most of what I know today is due to his knowledge. I have applied exactly what he taught me to start my business and quit my day job. I am very sentimental towards Adam because without ever finding his training I would still be miserable with my old job. He is the one who started all this for me and I am forever in debt.

Lance Reeves

Subscription School Graduate

"Your System Has Completely Changed My Life"

Adam, your system has completely changed my life…I was a skeptic at first, but I was completely blown away by the content. It’s basically the only system that I have gone through practically on a daily basis. The process is so simple, yet powerful. Thanks for all you do Adam!

Cedric Licuanan


"PAID newsletter subscriber base of over 3,000"

I currently have a PAID newsletter subscriber base of over 3,000. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without the direction of Adam's system. Thanks So Much!

Deanne Sheam


"This thing works. It works insanely well."

This thing works. It works insanely well. I just got to checking the stats of the new month of my 2nd paid newsletter and ahjsdgashjdgashsjfg, the feeling to see those sales coming in while you know you didn’t have to lift a finger for them is just… ecstatic. Not too long ago I had to work an entire week, 35 hours to make the same money as on this day alone, just from that newsletter. Also, I think my wife is even more attracted to me than before. lol all kidding aside… I never doubted a second Adam’s system would work. It just makes SO much sense.

Ricardo Anthonio

Subscription School Graduate

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