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Earn $1000 Commission On Every Sale With A Business-In-A-Box Masterclass Your Audience Is Sure To Love!

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Masterclass Details

  • Members learn how to build a low-ticket recurring subscription business.
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    6 weeks long with training videos, weekly calls, templates and private coaching.
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    Many members see their first sales within 72 hours of starting their business.
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    Over 5,000 members worldwide since 2012 with hundreds of success stories.
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    One of the longest running private coaching online business programs around.
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    Fantastic conversion rate with webinar and phone sales follow up sequence.

The Subscription School Masterclass is a 6 week hands-on program that takes anyone, regardless of skill, through the steps necessary to build an online business that pays them consistently every month. The program relies on proven, tested sales methods and templates to ensure members get results quickly.

Members focus on creating low-ticket, recurring subscription offers. Why? Because customers sign up. Pay you monthly. And just don’t stop! As long as you continue to provide value, people rarely cancel. it is shockingly reliable! Want to learn more about the sales funnel that is being taught?
Just watch this short video.

What Members Get

  • 6 Weeks Private 1-on-1 Coaching
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    6 Weekly Group Breakthrough Sessions
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    Private Masterclass Facebook Group
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    Bonus ClickFunnels “Business In A Box” Template
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    Bonus WordPress “Business In A Box” Template
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    Bonus #1 - The Affiliate Funnel
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    Bonus #2 - Outsource Mastery Training Webinar
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    Bonus #3 - Extra ​30 Minute Phone Coaching Session
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    Resources Include: Tutorials, Book Recommendations, Q&A Call Replays, Downloads and More!

Includes "Business-In-A-Box" Website Template!

Member Success Stories

Promotion Details

The sales process for this program is extremely effective. Customers attend the presentation and If they choose to join the program they apply on the call and leave a $197 deposit. After they leave their deposit, they automatically book a short interview call to make sure they’re a good fit for the program and have a high chance of success. 

By “flipping the script” and having customers apply to join, they sell us on why they’re a good fit for the program rather than the other way around. This changes the entire dynamic of the sales process to a much more friendly, inviting offer rather than a traditional hard sale / scarcity pitch. It works very well.

Most of the time (80-90%) customers are highly qualified and pay in full on the spot.  If it’s not a good fit, the $197 deposit is refunded immediately and we part as friends. However this rarely happens since customers are applying to join and not being sold.

Autowebinar Or Live Webinar?

This program is being sold both by live webinar and autowebinar which makes it perfect for any level of affiliate. Whether you can pack the house and get 500 people on a call, or you’re trickling traffic in through a sales funnel, there are options that will work for you. 

While our live webinars convert slightly better (familiar host, audience interaction, etc) the convenience of auto webinars can’t be understated. Autowebinar's can be scheduled to run at a specific time in the future (ie: 7PM on a Tuesday) or run at the top of every hour. Making them incredibly efficient, “hands-off”, sales machines. Not sure which option works best for you? Send me a message and we’ll figure it out together. 

Our Registration Pages Convert At 70-80% 

Sending traffic from e-mail? We’ve got this nailed down to a science. Through half a decade of testing we’ve discovered a simple, highly effective way to get incredibly high opt-in rates from e-mail traffic. How do we do it? We use the ugliest, most boring, most plain registration pages possible. Sound crazy? It’s not! And it works like crazy! Watch this short video for the full explanation. 

Watch The Webinar Replay

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Commission And Payment Details

The Subscription School Masterclass is a $1997 USD program that pays 50% commission. Affiliate partners will receive $1000 USD / sale. Affiliates will be paid via PayPal within 4-7 days of the customers payment clearing. This delay is to account for fund transfers from Stripe and PayPal.

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Who Is Adam Nolan?

Adam Nolan is a business and direct response marketing consultant from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He specializes in high-leverage marketing strategies and business automation. Since 2010 Adam has given presentations to audiences around the world and has helped thousands of people achieve their business and financial goals.

Adam is best known for his Subscription School online business course. Currently being used by over 5,000 members worldwide, this step-by-step program teaches anyone, regardless of skill, how to build a simple, online subscription business. 


"Adam Nolan is one of the most knowledgeable Marketers I've ever worked with. He is a marketing genius. He is a brilliant direct marketer that can go toe to toe with the best including the likes of Dan Kennedy." 


Kester Taylor


When Adam talks, I listen…’cause the dude just KNOWS what he’s talking about!" 


Dr. Lory Moore


"I purchased my first product from Adam in 2011 and since that time have received a lifetime of VALUE from him. Adam is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to advertising and promotion and I would highly recommend his services. Thanks Adam!" 


Chad Boardman

Contact Details

Thanks for taking a look at this offer. If you have any questions, or there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know. Use the form below to get in touch. All messages get sent directly to me.

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