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Earn $500 Per Sale with Our Proven Business-In-A-Box Masterclass!

The Subscription School Masterclass is an 8 week hands-on program that takes anyone, regardless of skill, through a simple 5-step process to building an online subscription business. With over a decade of improvements and thousands of success stories, this proven system is so simple and consistent, anyone can do it!

Members focus on creating low-ticket, recurring subscription offers. Why? Because customers sign up. Pay you monthly and rarely cancel! And as long as you continue to provide value, customers stay happily subscribed and continue to pay month after month. These micro-subscription businesses are incredibly reliable! They're easy to setup. They're easy to sell. And customers get results fast! Many of our members get sales with 24-48hrs of starting! It's this incredibly fast success that keeps customers (and affiliates) coming back year after year!

What Members Get

A guarantee that they'll have a fully functional subscription business that gets sales consistently! We have a leave no man or woman behind philosophy! In addition to that, members also get: 

  • Over 50 step-by-step videos w/ written instructions to follow
  • Tested & proven offer templates so members don't have to design anything!
  • Consistently reliable Ad templates that work in any market
  • Process maps and templates for all written content!
  • Bonus 1: Complete business in a box installation! All pages including legal included!
  • Bonus 2: A.I. product  description & site templates for all written content!
  • Bonus 3: Lifetime  Private Support Group - Make friends with current members!
  • Bonus 4: Personal funnel review by Adam Nolan!
  • Bonus 5: 2 Months of 1-on-1 private help via email, phone & video support.

Promotion Details

  • Option #1 - Live Webinar

  • Option #2 - Like LIve Webinar

  • Option #3 - Automated Webinar

Option #1 - Live Webinar

Can you get over 100 people on a GoToWebinar call live? Do you want the live engagement & excitement that comes with a live event? Then this tried & true promotional method is for you. The live Subscription School workshop has been refined over the course of a decade. It's been given hundreds of times and has been regularly called "One of the best webinars I've ever attended". With 90 minutes of actionable, step-by-step instructions and bonus templates for those that attend, it makes it easy for anyone to start getting sales fast!
Note: Webinar swaps are available with both live & like live webinars!

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Commission Details

Enrolment in Subscription School is $997 USD and the affiliate program pays 50% commission. Affiliate partners receive $498.50 per sale. All sales tracking is managed with ThriveCart, one of the most secure and reliable tracking platforms around. Affiliates are paid out 70% immediately via PayPal and 30% once the refund period (30 days) has passed. Customers are given the option to pay the full amount ($997) or use the split pay option ($549 x2). Cookies are set as "last cookie" and tracked for 30 days. 

Avg. Affiliate Stats For Email Promotions

  • 1000 Clicks - $32 EPC
  • 600 Signups - 60% Registration Rate - $53 EPL
  • 200 Attend - 33% Attend Rate - $160 EPA
  • 32 Purchase - 16% Conversion Rate - $32,000

Avg. Affiliate Stats For Paid Traffic Promotions

  • 1000 Clicks - $32 EPC
  • 250 Signups - 25% Registration Rate - $128 EPL
  • 200 Attend - 80% Attend Rate - $160 EPA
  • 32 Purchase - 16% Conversion Rate - $32,000

Previous Affiliate Stats

  • Debbie Drum & Amy Harrop - $20k+ / 100 Attendees - $200 EPA
  • Neil Napier - $17K with 100 People On live - $170 EPA
  • Paul O'Mahony - $12K with 80 people on live - $150 EPA
  • Gauher Cahudhry - $17k with 58 people on live - $293 EPA
  • Robert Stukes - $8k with 52 people on live - $153 EPA
  • Joe Vitale - $4k - with 44 people on live - $90.9

Who Is Adam Nolan?

Adam Nolan is a business and direct response marketing consultant from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He specializes in high-leverage marketing strategies and business automation. Since 2010 Adam has given presentations to audiences around the world and has helped thousands of people achieve their business and financial goals.

Adam is best known for his Subscription School online business course. Currently being used by over 5,000 members worldwide, this step-by-step program teaches anyone, regardless of skill, how to build a simple, online subscription business.

Contact Details

Thanks for taking a look at this offer. If you have any questions, or there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know. Use the form below to get in touch. All messages get sent directly to me.