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You Too Can Make $5,000 To $10,000 Every Month With The Worlds Longest Running, Most Reliable, Passive Online Business!

And NEVER deal with frustrating tech setups, complicated sales copy, lost money on advertising or waiting weeks for results again!
  • YES Adam! I’m ready to STOP sacrificing my time for money. I’m excited to make $5,000 to $10,000 every month in PASSIVE, RECURRING income! Sign me up to the Subscription Grad School Program Today so I can start making sales this week! I understand that if I follow this step-by-step proven formula, I WON’T be required to setup complicated websites, write difficult sales copy, pay for expensive advertising or wait weeks for results!

Here's Everything You're Getting

Access to one of the longest running, most successful online business programs in the world! You’ll be privy to the ONLY training on the planet that will give you the skills to build a passive subscription business that not only starts paying you THIS WEEK, but will pay you EVERY WEEK FOREVER!

Over The Next 6 Months As We Build Your Business Together You Will…

Discover The “Missing Piece” To A REAL, Life Changing Online Business!

Unlike most businesses where you work once to get paid once, with a subscription business you work once and get paid again and again… Making this one of the few truly passive online businesses! You get paid even if you don’t feel like working!

This is the heart of Subscription School. And is a skill that can never be taken away from you! Because when you’ve got 1000’s of small payments coming from customers all over the world you have a business that is GUARANTEED to be more reliable than any job you’ll ever have!

​Learn How To Make A KILLING Working In A Market You LOVE!

You’ll never feel trapped in a job you hate again! You’ll learn a simple, proven method to turn your hobbies and passions into an income source that will pay you every month!

You’ll wake up excited every morning as you watch your phone light up with sales you didn’t have to work for! Then start your day by sharing your passions with the world only to make *MORE* sales on top of the ones that already came in while you were asleep!

Not sure what market is best for you? That’s OK! With our proven “Market Matcher” exercise we’ll find something you’ll enjoy doing, won’t feel like work and will still pay you every month! 

​Discover How To Make Sales Within HOURS , NOT WEEKS!

Nothing is worse than spending weeks on a project, only to have it flop. It’s demoralizing, frustrating and expensive! And you’ll NEVER have to do it again!

Starting today you can get setup and running in MINUTES. No more complicated tech setups. No integrations. No more frustrations. You’ll be able to setup your ENTIRE business by clicking 1 button! This is by far the fastest online business setup in the world! Making it easy for anyone of any skill level to create a passive income and get sales TODAY!

​Create “Buying Frenzies” That Add Thousands Of Passive, Recurring Dollars To Your Business EVERY Month!

Never stress again over writing sales copy, content, or e-mails. Take all the guess work out of selling with our proven “Pre-Packaged-Promos.”

If you can copy, paste and send an e-mail then you can sit back and watch hundreds of dollars pour into your bank account anytime you want, almost like magic! You’ll instantly be among the marketing elite that are able to generate sales at the push of a button! 

Get Leads And Customers To Love You With Our “Simple Bonding Sequence”

Grab your audiences attention. Get them to sit up and take notice! Our Simple Bonding Sequence is the fastest, easiest way to turn cold leads into hot, lifelong customers!

In fact, it’s not unusual to start receiving “love letters” from your subscribers where they tell you how much they adore your products, information and the AMAZING impact you’ve had on their life!

The best part? Just like EVERYTHING else we create together, this is 100% template based. It takes all the guess work out of building relationships with your customers!

​The Easiest, Most Reliable Way To $100,000.00 A Year!

Since your passive, recurring income goes up every single month, it’s EASY to hit your financial goals!

Want to make $100,000 a year? All you need is 8 sales a day! Something most members do in less than 2-3 weeks! But what if you want to make…

$80,000.00 A Year? … That’s just 6 sales a day!

$60,000? Piece of cake! Only 4 sales a day!

Or $40,000… Only 3 sales a day!

What if you wanted to make an extra $30,000 a year passively without having to work for it? How would that affect your life?

Well…all you need is TWO sales a day!


So If you want to make $30,000 a year in passive, recurring income all you need to do is get 2 sales a day! Most members are able to do that within 10 days!

Here’s the best part… that’s not even counting weekends! And if you continue at that rate, your income doubles EVERY SINGLE YEAR! And because you’re getting 1000’s of payments from people all over the world you now have an income source that is EVEN MORE RELIABLE than your current job! 

​Works For Anyone, Regardless Of Tech Skills!

Never sold anything before? That’s OK! Don’t know how to get started? No worries! Feel lost? That’s normal!

We’ve had people from dozens of countries and every walk of life succeed with our program. From stay-at-home moms and dad’s, students, professionals, and even Harvard University professors! EVERYONE can make this work regardless of skill level.

All you need to know is how to copy, paste and send an e-mail. If you can do those 3 things, your new online business can be up and paying you in less than 48 hours from NOW.

Built In "Safety Nets" Make It Easy To Recoup Your Investment

Ever try to build an online business and it didn’t go as planned? Well, at Subscription School we’ve got a “safety net” just for that (rare) scenario!

You’ll learn of a secret “cash cow” strategy NOBODY is teaching that will allow you to recoup your investment and turn a profit… EVEN IF YOU NEVER SELL A THING!  

This “Safety Net” strategy means that no matter the outcome, you can easily recoup your investment. Making this not only the most reliable online business, but the one with the highest chance of success as well!  

​Daily Help And Live Weekly Support Calls

At Subscription School we have a no man (or woman) left behind policy. No question is too small. No obstacle is too big! You'll always have someone by your side helping you to make sure you hit and surpass your goals!

Whether it’s the daily support e-mails, private demo videos or weekly group get-togethers you’ll never feel lost again. You’ll have expert help, every single day until you hit your goals.

And as a bonus, all our coaching calls are recorded and saved in the members area - and you get access to all of them. HUNDREDS of hours of training videos covering every subject you could imagine!

​Dozens Of Templates, Examples And Weekly Goals!

As you move along through each module, you’ll get access to dozens of profitable campaigns, examples and templates. You’ll use these templates and examples again and again to multiply your investment in the course and add even more income to your new business.

You’ll also get weekly challenges and fun assignments that ensure you are moving forward and gaining the skills to get your Subscription Business up and running ASAP.

Subscription School  Limited Time Bonuses!

- Only 6 10 Spots Left! -

As a previous member of the Subscription School Masterclass the next 6 people that register will also get access to these AMAZING bonuses not available to the general public!

​BONUS #1 : Outsource Mastery - $1,000 Value

Outsource, Automate and Grow! Learn how to outsource everything you need to grow your new business. Never worry about writing content, research or customer support again! With Outsource Mastery you have everything you need to set your business on autopilot! Just sit back, manage your staff and watch your income grow! 

​BONUS #2 : Direct Marketing Bootcamp - $2,000 Value

Take your marketing to the next level. This 8 week long Marketing Bootcamp will help you fine tune your business until it’s as efficient as possible. Learn what kind of headlines convert best, what every offer must have and how to make the most profit from every customer. Never guess again at what to put in your promotions, how to structure your sales material or where to advertise. This course answers it all! A MUST HAVE for any serious online business owner! 

​BONUS #3: LIVE In Person 3 Day Group Mastermind In Ottawa, Canada - $5,000 Value

Come visit the Nations Capital and spend a 3 day weekend supercharging your ad campaigns. This private get together is only available for people in the Subscription Grad School Program. We’ll work side by side over the course of 3 days to tweak your ads, polish your e-mail campaigns and set your business up for success. In the evening we’ll head out to some of the nicest restaurants and lounges in the city to celebrate your success! 

MEGA BONUS #4: EXTRA 6 Months Of Private Mentoring! - $8,000 Value

Be one of the next 9 (10) people that register and your time in the private mentor program will be DOUBLED!

That’s right, you’ll get ONE FULL YEAR - 12 MONTHS of private 1-on-1 mentoring to create, build and scale your business to hit any income goal you can imagine!

Remember! These special bonuses, worth a combined $8,000, are ONLY available to previous Masterclass Members! 

Here Is What A Few Of Our Previous Members Have Said 

"Went live last night. First sale this evening!...Out of 6 clicks that FB is recording me paying for, 5 have opted in!"

- Heather Hyvarinen

"Only 4 days in to this first (profitable funnel and I've passed $100/day in sales!"

- James Foster

"I put my first ads up yesterday morning and had my first sale by that evening!"

- James Woods

"Just as we speak I get a sale for my front end, the bump AND my upsell!"

- Les Blythe

"I just started doing my facebook advertising on Monday. So far, I have 3 SALES already! Including 2 upsells! "

- Michael M. Stranks

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Subscription School we have a leave no man (or woman) behind philosophy. Follow along with the program, go through the exercises and you WILL get results. Most members are able to cover their entire investment in just 2 to 3 months! And in the off-chance that doesn’t happen, we’ll continue to work together until you do!  If you’re committed to building an online subscription business - this is the best guarantee you can get!
If you’re tired of working late nights and weekends without seeing results. If you’re frustrated spending time and money on advertising that isn’t profitable. If you’re ready to stop chasing “the next shiny thing” and you want to FINALLY build a business that will pay you every month, forever. Then don’t wait around. Sign up today.

This limited time special is only available for the next 6 members that join. Once full, this program will cost $12,000 USD and will NOT included the extra time or bonuses.

So Act Now. Reserve your spot in this special edition of Grad School. Register today to reserve one of the 6 spots let. But don’t wait - they’re filling up FAST!

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Don't Wait Around! 

This Special Offer Is Strictly Limited To The Next 6 (10) Grad School Students

Option #1 
One Time Payment Of $6,997 
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4 Easy Payments Of $1,997

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Don't Wait Around! 

This Special Offer Is Strictly Limited To The Next 6 (10) Grad School Students

Option #1 
One Time Payment Of $6,997 
Option #2 
4 Easy Payments Of $1,997
"I started my ads up yesterday after pausing it for the weekdays... and got 2 orders this morning. :)  "

- Nam Traimany

"I got my FB ad up yesterday! Got FIRST sale this morning!!!! "

- Nina Registerhaas

"I've always been that guy in online business groups seeing people post their successes while I never saw results myself. It's frustrating. It's stressful... But today, It's finally my turn!"

- Rami Janoudi

"We broke the 10k a month recurring last month. Especially my wife is really happy. So again, thank you so much for showing me the Way of The Recurring!"

- Ricardo Anthonio

"Today I started to run my FB Ads. It started around 1:00pm Costa Rica time and I did my very first bump sale within a few hours to start running the ads.""

- Sergio Pastor

"78% Opt-In Rate!!!!!???? And 17% Sales Rate! That's good, right??"

- Shirley Gebert

Don't Wait Around! 

This Special Offer Is Strictly Limited To The Next 6 (10) Grad School Students

Option #1 
One Time Payment Of $6,997 
Option #2 
4 Easy Payments Of $1,997

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